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Law Enforcement Operations Review and Analysis

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Police Practices Consulting

Leonesio Consulting provides in-depth, objective review and analysis of law enforcement incident operations and procedures. Viewed from a totality of circumstances perspective, these reviews provide a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of an officer’s response and management of the law enforcement incident.    

Protestors Continue To Demonstrate Against Police Shooting Of Oscar Grant
W9TBRW A British police officer holding a axon taser X2 conducted electrical weapon or stun gun. The taser is routinely issued to police forces across the uk


Comprehensive and objective review, analysis, and expert testimony in the areas of:

  • Law enforcement incident response;
  • Police practices; including tactical response, use of force, detention, arrest and control, defensive tactics, de-escalation, interactions with emotionally disturbed persons, and response to excited delirium events;
  • Compliance with published statutes, constitutional and judicial mandates, agency policies and procedures, and industry-recognized standards;
  • Conformance with approved training and industry-recognized best practices;
  • Electroshock weapon (ESW) deployment, operation, testing, and evaluation.

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